The Manorteq ancillary products are specifically ranged to ensure that any waterproof construction can be complete.

All Manorteq jointing ancillaries are specifically developed to have a synergy with the Xypex waterproofing system. They are fully compatible and integrate seamlessly to provide a simple, effective, and cost-efficient way of completing the waterproofing of any new build structure.

However, Manorteq products can also compliment other waterproofing systems, or equally be used as stand-alone products.


Tie-Bolt System

Other products

Cementitious products suitable and recommended to waterproof concrete, concrete block, brick or stone structures.

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50 years
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Manorteq’s broad wealth of knowledge has been gained from many years of being directly involved with the construction industry, whether that be through the manufacturing of products, their sale and distribution, or involvement with on-site applications.