Reliable and cost-effective solutions for joint waterproofing.


The ULTIMATE seal for formwork

The FormPlug is the simplest solution to seal the tie-bolt sleeve internally.

This revolutionary solution seals the void inside a formwork spacer.

The FormPlug comprises of a cap made from the same material as the HydroBar Evo over a solid plastic bung. The cap prevents water leaking out of the formwork spacer and the bung provides the mechanical anchor. In combination the cap and bung will stop water pressures up to 6 bar.

This water-activated, self-expanding sealing solution is simple. It ensures a perfect seal, stopping moisture / water infiltration with a single strike of a hammer. 100% watertight, quick and easy to install.

Works as a system in combination with Manorteq FormRing.

Size: 22 mm diameter to seal sleeves with an internal diameter of 22 mm.

Installation of FormPlug

Installation of FormPlug 01
Installation of FormPlug 02
Installation of FormPlug 03
Installation of FormPlug 04
Installation of FormPlug 05

Remove the formwork cone and any other debris from the tie-bolt hole.

Install the FormPlug manually in the tie bolt sleeve.

Hit FormPlug into the tie-bolt sleeve using a hammer, ensuring the FormPlug is secured firmly in the tie-bolt sleeve.

No finishing or after-treatment is required.

Watch our FormPlug and FormRing installation video

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Please note: This information is for general guidance only. It does not constitute as a detailed guide for a specific application. Due to the unique circumstances of every site, each installation must be assessed on a project-by-project basis as there may be many variables to consider. Independent professional advice should be sought on each installation. The information is to the best of Manorteq Ltd.’s knowledge and belief, accurate and reliable of the date indicated. However, no representation, warranty or guarantee is made to its accuracy, reliability, or completeness.


Technical Data Sheet


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1It is very tight to hammer in, how can this be made easier?
Dip the rubber part in clean water momentarily, this will allow the synthetic rubber part to slide in to the sleeve as though it has been lubricated.
2What size will it fit?

As standard, it will fit an internal diameter of 22 mm.

3Will the products interfere with the Xypex waterproofing system?
No. All Manorteq ancillary products are developed and selected to integrate seamlessly with the Xypex waterproofing system, as well as others.
4Does the sleeve need to be removed?
No. It should be used in conjunction with the FormRing.