Waterproof Render
/ Screed System

AquaRend waterproof mortar for use as render or screed.

Waterproof render products and systems to rehabilitate concrete and masonry structures, either vertically or horizontally (including overhead).

The AquaRend system is suitable and recommended to waterproof concrete, concrete block, brick, or stone structures.

AquaRend product line

AquaRend mortars are in general, single-component dry mortar mixtures designed specifically for creating waterproof layers on vertical or horizontal concrete and masonry substrates.

All Manorteq AquaRend mortars have been developed specifically to create a layer upon a substrate, utilising the Xypex Technology Inside.

The crystallization process within the pore system of the Manorteq AquaRend products creates a waterproof layer which is impermeable to water, organic solvents, oil products etc.

Depending on the specific requirements of the project, the Manorteq AquaRend range can either be applied as a single application, or capped with a finer layer of mortar. The application depth of AquaRend mortars allow a thickness range of 2 mm up to 30 mm.

AquaRend products can provide a waterproof layer, which is tested regularly in accordance with the standard EN 12390-8 up to 50 metres hydrostatic head (limit of test).

Manorteq AquaRend mortars are compatible with, and can be used as a cap coat over, a coat of Xypex Concentrateto continue the waterproofing and provide a quick return to service.

If required, paints or other coatings can be directly applied onto the Manorteq AquaRend repaired area. Any application of paints or coatings must be of a breathable nature. If in doubt, please refer to your Manorteq representative.

All Manorteq AquaRend waterproof mortars are in accordance with EN 1504-3 and are classified as R3 mortar.

The Manorteq AquaRend system is able to waterproof concrete, concrete block, brick, or stone structures in:

  • Basements
  • Swimming pools
  • Tunnels
  • Tanks
  • Reservoirs
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Concrete water pipes
  • Concrete sewer pipes
  • Manholes
  • Vaults
  • Marine structures
  • Bridge structures

General comparison

  AquaRend Thix AquaRend Flow AquaRend Fine AquaRend S-Fine
Agg. Size ≤ 4 mm ≤ 4 mm ≤ 1 mm n/a
Min. Thickness 10 mm 10 mm 3 mm* 2 mm*
Max. Thickness 30 mm 30 mm 12 mm 4 mm*
Pressure 50 m in accordance with EN 12390-8 n/a
Compressive Strength ≥ 40 MPa ≥ 44 MPa ≥ 36 MPa ≥ 25 MPa
Adhesive Bond ≥ 2.0 MPa ≥ 2.0 MPa ≥ 2.0 MPa ≥ 1.5 MPa
Use Vertical or Horizontal inc. overhead Horizontal Vertical or Horizontal inc. overhead Vertical or Horizontal inc. overhead

* Any cementitious waterproofing barrier is dependent on the thickness of the application. AquaRend mortars are high performance cementitious products and technically are waterproof at 5 mm. However, consideration should be given to application imperfections and as such it should be we recommend a practical waterproofing thickness of 10 mm (please see chart below).

Waterproofing Capability

Waterproofing Capability table

* Whilst a perfect application at these thicknesses will provide a waterproof layer, there is however a higher probability of imperfections in the application which would compromise the integrity of the waterproofing.

** Waterproof subject to correct application. All Manorteq products should be applied in strict accordance with the installation procedures.