NonShrink Grout used to waterproof small voids etc.

Manorteq NonShrink Flow

Manorteq NonShrink Flow

NonShrink Flow ensures permanent waterproof fixing of anchoring elements in level concrete

Manorteq NonShrink Flow is a single-component, non-shrink, dry mortar mix intended specifically for sealing anchors and creating watertight areas within supported horizontal concrete structures. The product has excellent waterproofing capabilities, provided by the Xypex Technology Inside.


Manorteq NonShrink Flow is a grout that ensures permanent fixing of anchors in concrete. It resists most dynamic stresses and provides protection to anchors.

NonShrink Flow has been developed specifically for small volume, manually applied grouting.

Holes filled with Manorteq NonShrink Flow are sealed against water and a variety of liquids.

Manorteq NonShrink Flow can also be used for the sealing of joints in precast, vertical and non-supported horizontal concrete structures.

Compressive Strength in accordance with EN 12190:

  • 7 Day = 45 MPa
  • 28 Day = 60 MPa

Manorteq NonShrink Flow is suitable and recommended to waterproof voids where Xypex Admix C-Series has been used in the original construction of:

  • Anchor holes in slabs
  • Concrete slabs
  • Reservoirs
  • Tanks
  • Under machinery

Product Certified:

EN 1504-6 – Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures – Anchoring of reinforcing steel bar.


Manorteq NonShrink Flow provides excellent fixing of anchors in concrete constructions.

Manorteq NonShrink Flow has good resistance to most dynamic stresses.

It provides protection to anchors. It is suitable for providing waterproofing to the joints of precast, vertical and non-supported horizontal concrete structures that contain Xypex Admix.

Voids filled with Manorteq NonShrink Flow are sealed against liquids, including most oil-based products.



  1. Any dust and loose particles shall be removed from the substrate before application. The concrete surface must not be contaminated by substances which can negatively affect adhesion of the mortar to the substrate (e.g. oil or other products).
  2. Before application of the prepared mortar, wetting of the concrete surface should be thorough and repeatedly undertaken for at least 120 minutes.
  3. The thickness of application of Manorteq NonShrink Flow should be at a minimum of 20 mm.


  1. Manorteq NonShrink Flow is prepared by mixing 3.10 – 3.60 litres of clean water to 1 No. (25 kg) bag of product.
  2. Optimum quantity of batching water can fluctuate, as is usual with mortars containing a cementing binder.
  3. Working time of the product is 50 – 60 minutes at 20 °C.
  4. Neither the temperature of the substrate, nor the temperature of the ambient air, shall be below +5 °C or above +30 °C.
  5. It is important to note that anchor holes, joints etc. should be filled in one application, without interruption, to ensure the treated areas are continuous.


Technical Data Sheet

NonShrink Flow

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