Manorteq AquaRend reinforcement for use with AquaRend mortar.

Manorteq AquaRend Fix-B

Manorteq AquaRend Fix-B is a basalt fibre mesh for the mechanical bonding of AquaRend Thix, Fine or Flow to the substrate.

Manorteq AquaRend Fix-B is intended primarily for providing additional bond and securing the Manorteq AquaRend range of products to the substrate in especially aggressive environments, such as where there is negative hydrostatic pressure prevalent.


Manorteq AquaRend Fix-B is suitable for environments where there is a high risk of exposure to corrosive substances. Manorteq AquaRend Fix-B is both alkali and thermal resistant.

Manorteq AquaRend Fix-B is recommended for use where water ingress is occurring from the negative side.

Benefits include

  • Ease of fixing
  • Minimal cover of render required
  • Resistant to most low pH and corrosive materials
  • Low conductivity of heat
  • Non-flammable and non-combustible

Please note: Manorteq AquaRend S-Fine is not sufficiently thick enough to be used as the second layer over AquaRend Fix-B. If AquaRend S-Fine is required as the finish, please allow an application of Manorteq AquaRend Thix (at a minimum thickness of 10 mm), or an application of Manorteq AquaRend Fine (at a minimum thickness of 5 mm).



  1. Prepare the surface as previously detailed in the relevant AquaRend Thix or AquaRend Flow section.


  1. Create Manorteq AquaRend Fix-B anchoring holes in the substrate by drilling the holes with a minimum diameter of 12 mm and a depth of between 75 – 100 mm.
  2. Holes should be rinsed out and be clean from dust.
  3. The appropriate number of anchor holes is a minimum of 4 per 1 m2. The moistened holes should be filled with Manorteq NonShrink Thix. The Manorteq AquaRend Fix-B anchors (which are basalt fibre strands coverved in a plastic tube) are then secured into the fresh grout in the holes.


  1. Common cutting tools can be used for adjusting the size.
  2. After 24 hours check the anchors are sufficiently secured. If satisfied they are secure, apply your first layer of Manorteq render in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. A minimum of 5 mm thickness of Manorteq AquaRend Fine or 10 mm thickness of Manorteq Thix and Flow, before applying a layer of Manorteq AquaRend S-Fine.
  3. Immediately after applying the initial coat, the Manorteq AquaRend Fix-B is pressed into the fresh mortar, threading the Manorteq Fix-B Anchors through the holes in the mesh.
  4. The plastic covers from the Manorteq Fix-B Anchors are removed and the fibres are then spread in as regular a circle as possible. Immediately after the mesh has been pressed into the base mortar, it is covered with the relevant Manorteq product.
  5. The second layer of the mortar should be applied so that the Manorteq AquaRend Fix-B mesh is fully covered by the appropriate thickness (5 mm for Fine, 10 mm for Thix or Flow).


Technical Data Sheet

AquaRend Fix-B

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